About Water Solutions HQ

Water is a finite resource. Wait, what?

Despite what our grade school science teacher taught us about the earth being mostly covered in water, the truth is only 0.5% of that is available fresh water. And the minuscule fraction of a percentage of that that you get at home is usually of dubious quality.

If you’re here visiting WaterSolutionsHQ, you’ve probably shared the Ancient Mariner’s woes and wouldn’t think of drinking what’s flowing in your taps without fixing it in some way. That’s what we’re here to help you with — what do with the water available to you to make it something that you want to drink, cook with, shower and wash clothes with.

We have guides for figuring out the right system or equipment for what you need, reviews to help you choose on the specific products to invest in, and still more guides on installation and maintenance.

And if there’s some burning question or some new craze that has anything at all to do with water, we’ll be here to give you some answers.

Our Team

Zac Harding — Founder & Chief Editor

Water Filter Entrepreneur and Weekend Surfer

Zac HardingZac is the water nerd behind Water Solutions HQ who has an encyclopedic knowledge of water utilities, water treatments, and filters. He loves water everything water including playing with water and on the water. Not surprising as his childhood home was on the second floor of his dad’s water filtration business in Florida.

He was bequeathed the filtration business upon his father’s retirement and has worked on growing it ever since. He is passionate about staying up to date with the cutting edge of water quality research, testing out different products, and blogging about them.


Naima Khoza — Writer & Researcher

Water Purification Expert

Naima KhozaNaima ranks water hardness as the water issue we should concern about the least — and she has been in places with truly “hardcore” hard water. What she cares about is making water safe to drink and addressing the global water crisis and its effects on the lives of women in Africa who spend most of their day collecting and hauling water for their families.

Her work in several non-profits has helped provide hundreds of communities in developing countries with sustainable water purification methods that ensure consistent access to clean, safe drinking water.


Orsi Jones, Ph.D. — Consultant

Resident Hydrologist and Rainwater Harvesting Advocate

Orsi JonesDoc Orsi is our science guy whom we rely on to keep us from jumping onto every single water bandwagon and fad. He helps us sort through the hype and BS to get to the cold, hard science.

And when the cold, hard, science befuddles mere mortals, his experience teaching Earth 109 part-time at his alma mate helps him be the guy who breaks it down into simple, digestible bites.

Doc Orsi’s actual day job is in privately funded research that has to do with the impact of climate change on natural water cycle.

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