What Are the Alternatives to a Water Softener?

Water softeners for a long time have been used to turn hard water to soft water. All this is because hard water has its own disadvantages when used in the household. Even with water softeners available, other companies were always working on alternatives. The water softeners also had their own drawbacks, thus there was the need to have products that can handle their limitations. Below you will get to learn about the top 5 water softener alternatives for your household.

1. Scalewatcher Nano Electronic Descaler

Scalewatcher Nano Electronic Descaler

There might have been some scale build up due to using water softeners. This product will help to descale the entire water system of your household. The technology incorporated in this product is what you need so as not to experience clogged shower heads, appliances and faucets.

No salt is required for the regeneration to occur. You simply hooked it up as explained in the manufacturer's instructions and you are good to go. This electronic water softening system does not need any extra plumbing to get it attached to your water system. You will not have to spend an extra dime to hire a plumber to do the job as installation is super easy.

2.   The Green Treat Salt-less Water Cascade


Not all minerals found in hard water are harmful as some are great for the body. This product will remove water hardness and all other contaminants and leave the beneficial minerals behind for you to enjoy when you drink the water.

As the product works to remove water hardness, it always eliminates scale build up in the water systems due to water softeners. It has an impressive processing capacity of 20 gallons per minute. This means that you get more soft water within just minutes.

The product still does not need any sort of maintenance for 5 years, making it durable and worth spending your money on it.

3.   Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner


It is rated among the best water softener alternatives to salt for its capability to deal with hard water without using salt or any chemicals in the softening process. The product works by attacking the hard water with electromagnetic waves that treat it back to soft water.

Using this product should help eliminate any problems caused by hard water such as scale build up and spots on glassware and other cookware. The product can work in both hot and cold water systems, making it have more functionalities than other types of water softeners.

4.   Scalewatcher Star Electronic Descaler Water Softener Alternative


You need such alternatives to water softeners to help eliminate too much sodium taste in the water when using common water softeners. The product promises to eliminate the hard water effects such as lime scale in kitchen sinks and faucets.

You will not need any form of plumbing to put the device in position. Simply follow the clear guidelines to help with the installation part. The product is electronic, but it does not use a lot of power, as most people would have thought. It operates at a low voltage to help in saving your overall energy used around the house.

5.   Eddy Electronic Water Descaler


For those living in a hard water area, expect to suffer from cases of lime scales on showers, faucets and sinks. Regular water softeners might not always eliminate all the minerals that cause the scale build. Using this product as a water softener alternative should help with eliminating the scale build up with at a small price.

The concept behind how the product is complex, but you only need to know that it is worth your money if you need soft water at all times. There are still some minerals important to your health, you can still use the product to keep the minerals intact. At the end, you will still get the best minerals good for your health even in the soft water.


Many companies will always say that their products are the best, but with further research, it is easy to settle on the best products. The same thing applies to those people who need to find alternatives to water softeners. The products mentioned above have gone through various testing stages to be highlighted as the best. 

​For those who are tired of buying water softeners that do not work, it is time to check out the alternatives. These alternatives bring in a new way of dealing with hard water and consequently the lime scale up effects. By choosing one product from the five mentioned, you are one-step ahead of others who are still relying on other water softeners that do not work at all.

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