Zac Harding

Zac is a water nerd who loves water everything water including playing with water and on the water. His passion is staying up to date with the cutting edge of water quality research, testing out different products and blogging about them.

The Best Small Water Softener

Have you always wanted to avoid the ugly scale buildups in your plumbing fixtures, but don’t seem to have enough space to install a large water softener? This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because we can help you find premium quality systems that will fit in the tightest of spaces like next to your …

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The Best Water Softener Salt

Water softener salts are manufactured for use in water softeners to help transform hard water into soft water. The best water softener salt will help prevent scale buildup, keep your hair and laundry soft and bright, and extend the life of your pipes, appliances, and fixtures. With so many choices on the market, how do …

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