Best Electronic Water Descaler & Softener Reviews

Updated: April 21, 2021 by Zac Harding

Many people are unaware of the damage caused by hard water in their homes, or even what is hard water. So I will begin by explaining what hard water is, and then I will move onto the dangers.

Hard water has a higher natural concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Although it is not to be a health hazard, but a hazard to your house’s water systems and appliances, clothes, and dishes.

These minerals from hard water build up in appliances and pipes, and ultimately shorten their lifetime. Hard water can also cause “rusty” clothing stains. As terrible as all this sounds, I can assure you that there is a solution, and that would be a home water softener system, or an electronic water softener or conditioner (as we will cover in this article). You may expect that it is not easy of looking through dozens to find the one that’s right for you.

Well I am going to tell you about my top five electronic water softeners and electronic water conditioners.

I think the Clearwave CW-125 is the best electronic water softener as it not only softens hard water, but it also works at removing existing scale buildup over time. It’s efficient and way affordable, and that’s why it has my vote.

Best Electronic Water Descaler

1. Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

Clearwave 46100000 Field CW-125, WHITE The first system I will tell you about is the Clearwave “CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner”. Before we even get to CW-125’s abilities, I would like to repeat that it is a salt-free system. This can save you over $300 a year on water softening salt.

The system acts not only as a water softener/conditioner, but also as an electronic water descaler. This means that it not only prevents the buildup of calcium and magnesium in your appliances and pipes, but removes any current buildup over time.

I see this product as a worthwhile investment for its features. These are simple installation and environmentally friendly wave form technology and zero maintenance requirements.


2. Scalewatcher Nano Electronic Descaler-Water Softener Alternative

Scalewatcher Nano Electronic Water Descaler, Water Softener Alternative, Chemical and Salt-Free Electric Limescale Preventer and Remover

Next we have Scalewatcher’s “Nano Electronic Descaler-Water Softener Alternative” system. This one is also a do it yourself setup, with no plumbing involved. On top of that, you get the same clear, soft water as the traditional systems, with the salt free benefit of an electronic water softener.

At around $230 from I believe you are getting your dollars’ worth on a water softener and descaler. Customers say they are greatly satisfied by the system’s ability to keep water soft and appliances descaled. This device remains convenient and functional even in small spaces.


3. ScaleBlaster SB-75 Water Conditioning System

SCALE BLASTER SB-75 ScaleBlaster, Black

The third of my top five electronic water softeners and conditioners is SB-75 Water Conditioning System. This one is the economy model, made for greater savings and to work in small spaces.

However, a small required space for setup does not mean it only works in small living spaces. This system can work in homes at 4000 sq. ft. on moderate to very hard water. It also has LED notifications that will keep you up to date on its proper functioning.

Customers are satisfied with its ability to quickly soften the water in their homes. This device also efficiently keeps the mineral scale from building up in their appliances.


4. Hydroflow HS38 equal to Hydrcare HC44

HydroFLOW HS38 | Alternative to a Water Softener | Decreases The Risk of a waterborne pathogenic Contamination | Descaler for Small Homes, RVs & Tankless Water Heaters | Fits Pipes Up to 1" OD

The Hydroflow HS-38 water softener is our next electronic water softener on the list. With only a screwdriver and outlet required, this tiny water softening system cannot get any more convenient.

The HS-38 also fits on any kind of pipe and works on all kinds of appliances throughout your home. These benefits make this reasonably priced system quite portable, and ideal for travelling with. Especially true when you don’t need any extra wires, attachments, or salt.

Even if the current price may sound steep to you, the long term energy and appliance savings will change your mind. It runs at just $3 per year, with an available three year warranty on the product. Customer reviews note no issues after installing the HS-38 in their homes.


5. Scalewatcher 3 Star Electronic Descaler Water Softener Alternative

Scalewatcher 3 Original Electronic Descaler | USA Made & Patented Hard Water Softener/Conditioner Alternative | 600mA Chemical-Free and Salt-Free Electric Limescale Preventer and Remover

The final electronic water softener system I will tell you about is another by Scalewatcher. It is the “Scalewatcher 3 Star electronic descaler-water softener alternative”.

This one comes in at a higher price than the rest, but is designed for larger homes. In my opinion, it is an ideal product if you wish for a higher-end water softening system. It works at a large temperature range and higher voltage capability than cheaper systems.

Customer reviews mention immediate results of cleaner dishes out of the dishwasher. Also mentioned better flowing water with no calcium deposits, and even better-tasting water.


Also check out our review of the Eddy electronic softener.


My roundup includes electronic water descalers, softeners and conditioners.

They are selected with a range of values and abilities so you can more easily make the right personal choice. But, all the products reviewed are convenient, efficient, well-working, and environmentally friendly. Consider investing in electronic water softener and experience all benefits for yourself.

I recommend an electronic salt-free water softener for hard water treatment in general and the Clearwave CW-125 in particular. It may just save you time and money on appliances, electricity, and cleaning products that you thought were simply not doing their job.

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