Best PUR Water Filter Pitcher Reviews — A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: April 18, 2021 by Zac Harding

If you are looking for a good pitcher filter that can remove some contaminants and improve the taste of your water, the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser or the PUR 7 Cup Water Pitcher is the way to go.  Both use the excellent PUR 2 Stage Water filter to take out contaminants and leave your water tasting clean and fresh.  The inexpensive initial investment of a pitcher filter will not only give you the opportunity to try out filtered water before moving on to a better system, it is also cheaper and better for the environment than buying bottled water.

Read this PUR water pitcher review to learn more.

Of course our choice would be the PUR pitcher filter with the 18-cup capacity, especially if you’re in a household of, like, more than one or two. You need to drink your water requirement for the day, and with an 18-cup dispenser, you’ll always have some on reserve.

PUR Water Pitcher Reviews

There are two containers that work for the PUR 2 stage water filter.

  1. PUR 18 Cup Dispenser
  2. PUR 7 Cup Pitcher

Both containers use the PUR 2 stage water filter but have different features and sizes.

1. PUR Classic 18-Cup Dispenser — Overall Best PUR Pitcher Water Filter

PUR Classic Water Filter Pitcher Dispenser, 18 Cup, Clear

The PUR 18 Cup dispenser is the larger of the two containers for the PUR water filter.  The dispenser has a slim design that fits on the shelf on your fridge for an easy pour.  It also is designed to fit in most sinks and has a special fill-tray that distributes weight, making it easy to fill and carry.

The PUR water filtration system for the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser is a high-quality, inexpensive way to turn your questionable tap water into clean, fresh-tasting water.

The two stage water filtration system removes or reduces many contaminants, including chlorine, mercury, and other harmful substances in your water.  It’s designed to be easy to use and fits inside your already cluttered refrigerator.

This pitcher is perfect for families, holding eighteen 8-ounce glasses of water, or for people who drink a lot of water and don’t want to fill their water pitcher multiple times a day.  If you are single or have limited fridge space, you should take a look at the PUR 7 Cup Pitcher instead.


2. PUR 7 Cup Pitcher

PUR Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System, 7 Cup, Clear/Blue

Even though the PUR 7 cup pitcher is smaller than the 18 cup dispenser, it still uses the same two stage filter to filter your water.  The pitcher has a comfort grip handle with an easy-fill lid that is thumb activated.  A pour spout cover prevents odors and particles that may be in your refrigerator from getting into the pitcher.

While not as large as the dispenser, it can still take up space in your fridge.   With a slim profile, the pitcher is designed to take up the least amount of space possible, including being narrow enough to fit in the door of your refrigerator. Click here to view on Amazon!

The PUR 7 cup pitcher is perfect for people with limited space in their refrigerator, or for people who don’t drink as much water.  It holds quite a bit less water than the 18 cup dispenser, but it still holds up to seven 8 ounce glasses of water, so you won’t be filling it every time that you use it.


Which Water Filter is the Best?

When choosing a water filter, there are a lot of things that you need to look for.  Each company claims that their filter is the best.  Each company claims that it will give you the cleanest, best tasting water possible.  To make things even more confusing, there are multiple types of water filters, including:

Each particular filter system has its pros and cons, depending on how much you want to pay, how easy they are to use, and how many contaminants you want to have removed from your water.

When choosing a pitcher water filter, you are looking to improve the taste of your water, and possibly remove some contaminants.  A pitcher water filter will not remove all of the harmful contaminants.  Also, a pitcher filter will be cheaper short term, and will give you a chance to experience what water should taste like without having to make a large initial investment.

In the long run, the more expensive and effective systems do end up being cheaper, but a pitcher water filter is a great way to figure out whether or not having better water is right for you. View our favorite on Amazon by clicking here!

best pur pitcher water filter reviews

PUR Two Stage Water Filter and Pitchers

A pitcher filter is a great introduction into the world of filtered water without having to invest in an expensive under-the-counter system.  The tradeoff, though, is that a pitcher filter only removes some of the contaminants in faucet water, not all of them.  Also, in the long run, a reverse osmosis system, such as the APEC 5 Stage Water Drinking System, is cheaper than the cost of having to replace your filter every 40 gallons.

How Does the PUR Water Filter work?

The PUR water filter is a two-stage water filter.  The first part of the filter is a layer of carbon.  In the case of the PUR filter, heat-treated coconut shells are used.  The heat treatment produces pores in each piece of coconut, adding surface area to the shells.  This added surface area increases the amount of surface that can trap contaminants as the water runs through the filter.

There is over 1,000 square meters of surface area for each gram of coconut shell after the heat treatment.  In the end, water flows through over 200,000 square feet of carbon to remove contaminants on the first stage of treatment.

The second stage is much simpler but still effective.  After going through the carbon micro filter layer, water then flows through a second layer that is designed to trap any sediment in the water.  The carbon attracts the contaminants while the second layer removes little particles.

The PUR water filter reduces 21 contaminants per NSF certification.

The contaminants removed include:

  • 95% of Mercury
  • Reduced Chorine including taste and odor
  • 96% of trace pharmaceuticals
  • Lead
  • 9% of microbiological cysts
  • and more

The end result is water that not only has many harmful contaminants removed, it tastes better as well.

The filter lasts for about 40 gallons of water.  Which means it should last about 2 months with normal usage.  After a few weeks use, the filter might slow down a little.  If you soak the filter for 10 minutes in cold water, it will go back to running like usual.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with a PUR filter, whether you get the 7-cup or 18-cup dispenser. The PUR brand is well-known for providing products that make water safe to drink and great-tasting too. However, we do like the idea of an 18-cup pitcher that you can keep filled so you never run out of water to drink.

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