Eddy Water Descaler Review

Updated: April 17, 2021 by Zac Harding

Eddy is a relatively new player in the water softener market. What’s good about this company is that there are plenty of testimonials and positive reviews around that testify to the quality of their domestic products.

So this Eddy electric water descaler review is a relative pleasure to write because it’s not just our opinion here that is shouting in isolation, it’s backed up by some pretty impressive reviews elsewhere.

The Eddy electric water descaler is manufactured in the UK, but is available in many countries through usual retail outlets such as Amazon.

One important point to make right at the beginning of this review is that this is an emulated water softener. This means it has limitations in terms of its scope and performance in use. It is important you understand this, as one of the biggest disappointments with units like this is to understand the limitations of an electric descaler, namely that the effects are temporary.

If the water is not used within a couple of days it starts to return to its normal state, and also that it is not delivering filtered soft water.

Eddy Water Descaler Review: Background

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative

As I’ve already said this product and company are relatively new, but seem to have attracted a lot of positive attention. Customer service from the company is reported as good and there is a full 12 month money back guarantee with the product.

As well as that money back guarantee, the customer also gets a repair or replacement warranty for the entire lifetime of the product. That’s a pretty reassuring offer!

What’s important to note is that it is not a water softening system. As I said earlier, it works slightly differently to a true water softener that uses salt and filters, and with limitations.

The background to this product is that it should be really seen more as a hard water treatment unit than a water softener.


Key Features Of The Eddy Electric Water Descaler

The design of this electric water descaler is incredibly simple. There’s nothing to adjust, nothing to change and it doesn’t require any maintenance, it just gets on with its job, which is great, and the combination of the design and simplicity make it good for any type of household or user.

The Eddy electric water descaler is compact and easy to carry around. It’s tiny proportions measure just 6.7×1.6×3.5 inches. And in terms of weight, it comes in at just short of an incredible 2 pounds.

It has low power consumption as well. It’s a 110V system that can run on just 5 watts. That makes it economical to run.

So in summary, the key features and benefits of this water descaler are:

  • Easily installed by the customer with no plumbing changes
  • Requires no salt but still softens water
  • Softens your water without altering the minerals in it
  • A one-year moneyback guarantee
  • A lifetime repair or replacement warranty

Eddy Electric Water Descaler Review

Installing The Eddy Electric Water Descaler

Installation of the Eddy electric water descaler is very simple. It is simply a case of positioning the unit near the main property inlet pipe, attaching the coils to the pipe and then plugging it in.

The only issue with installation is to note that the unit is not waterproof. So if you are going to put it somewhere where damp can occur, or you were hoping to put it outside, then you would have to make arrangements for it to be protected in some way.

If you can locate your internal stopcock and attach it at that point then that will be the ideal location.

But other than that it’s a very simple installation and crucially will not need a professional to install it, which adds to the cheapness of this water softening solution.

One point I would like to make about installation and use of this water descaler’s that it’s ideal for people who live in apartments, especially if you rent. There is no alteration of the plumbing coming into the apartment to take into consideration, you just need to find where the main water inlet pipe is and then attach the unit there, which makes it a simple and brilliant solution for people who would otherwise be stuck with unsatisfactory water.

Daily Use Of The Eddy Electric Water Descaler

The Eddy water descaler produces an electromagnetic wave from two coils which you attach around your main internal water inlet pipe. As the water passes the coils a magnetic field passes through it. The magnetic field changes how limescale attaches, so that it no longer deposits itself as readily as you will be used to.

And that’s it. There is nothing else to do. There are no filters to clean or replace. There is no cost in maintenance through buying filters or salt. You don’t have to use salt or replace it. There is literally nothing to do.

It runs silently and intrusively, it can sit quietly in a cupboard or small space and never be seen or heard from at all.

The only issue with daily use that you might realize is that if your water is very hard, then this product will only have a limited effect on it. In some cases, people in areas with very hard water will not notice any benefits from this system, so it’s a good idea to check the hardness of your water before purchase.

On top of that, the other negative of daily use is that if you are expecting this product to permanently stop limescale buildup your pipes then you will be disappointed. When the water is in use, when it passed through the coils, yes it will be treated, but stagnant water sitting in the pipes or appliances will return to its normal state and continue building up limescale as it did before.

Eddy Water Descaler Review: Conclusions

What is clear from this review of the Eddy electric water descaler, and a flick through an online retailer such as Amazon is that this product does work. The people who seem to struggle with it are those who live in exceptionally hard water areas and you don’t really notice much difference.

But the truth is that for moving water, such as water you put into kettles, this will dramatically reduce the amount of limescale builds up. People report less buildup of limescale on their shower heads and other obvious areas where limescale deposits grow.

So it works. And on top of it working, it’s a reasonable price, especially in comparison to the price of a full water softening system. You don’t have to get a plumber to install it, and it doesn’t require any maintenance.

This makes it an ideal solution for any type of property, and any type of person.

In terms of negatives, the biggest is that this is an emulated water softener. It is a magnetic system which affects how limescale builds up in the short term, this effect wears off after a short period of time, which means that it is not a true filtering and softening solution.

The second negative is that unless you protect it then it must be installed indoors in a dry area.

But as long as you understand and accept the limitations of this product then the Eddy water descaler does exactly what it says it will do, with no maintenance and for a great price.

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