Fleck 7000SXT Review: A Hardworking 48,000-Grain Capacity Water Softener

Updated: April 19, 2021 by Zac Harding

With 3 ½ stars out of 5 from consumer reviewers on Amazon, the Fleck 7000SXT offers strong features at a reasonable cost. Here you’ll read a comprehensive review of this high-capacity water softener including all of the information you need to make a wise consumer decision. Get the information on how it works, details on specifications, pros, cons, and the bottom line.

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The Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

Fleck is a trusted name ​when it comes to water softener brands as it indicates the kind of valve used to control the flow of water out of the softener and into the house. This 7000SXT model is similar to the 5600SXT model, but with a higher ability to address water hardness. With 48,000 grains per gallon (GPG) this model works with water that has some of the highest concentrations of minerals and hardness.

Fleck 7000 SXT (74FL-7000S) Meter 64,000 Grain Water Softener 12" x 52"; 2.0 CF


Providing reduced scaling, staining, and spotting on pipes, household appliances, and even laundry. This unit also offers the potential for energy saving within the water heater. The Fleck 7000SXT is a high end water softening unit using sodium ion exchange to remove magnesium chloride, calcium, and possibly manganese from water that has excessive amounts of these minerals.


  • Dimensions: Complete unit 15” x 17” x 33”
  • Resin tank 10” x 54”
  • ​Brine tank 18”x 33”
  • ​Salt Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Connectors: 1” or 1.25”
  • Flow Rate: Up to 35 Gallons per Minute (GPM) maximum
  • Resin Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet
  • Brine Float: 2310
  • Bypass Valve: 1 ¼”
  • Retail Price: $1038.00 (available for under $700)

fleck 7000 sxt review

Our Fleck 7000SXT Review: The Good and the Bad


  • High capacity outflow valve. The 7000 rating indicates that the valve allows the water to flow at a higher rate, perfect for a whole household that has high demands for water capacity.
  • Demand Initiated Regeneration (DIR) means that instead of having a scheduled or timed process to “clean” the resin and regenerate the salt, this unit exercises the regeneration process only when necessary. On demand regeneration means that this model has improved efficiency because less brine is released into the environment. This saves water and minimizes excess usage of salt.
  • Extremely efficient for high water hardness levels, up to 48,000 Grains per Gallon (GPG).
  • Self-installation should be fairly easy and full support is offered from the manufacturer for do-it-yourself installation.
  • Improves soap efficiency for ongoing money savings.
  • Safety float keeps water from overflowing onto the floor if the valve gets plugged for any reason.
  • User Friendly LCD programmable electronic digital controller allows for quick setup and programming, with large backlit display.
  • Tank made from high quality poly-glass.
  • Power Backup option for over 48 hours if needed.
  • Detailed installation instructions for homeowner or professional plumber installation.
  • 5 year warranty on Fleck 7000SXT controller valve.
  • 10 year warranty on both structural wound resin tank and brine tank.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Extremely heavy, particularly if you are thinking of basement installation. Likely would be better if used in a garage. Weighs over 150 lbs.
  • Salt-based regeneration adds the possibility of brine pollution and some environmentally careful communities may limit regenerative water softener use.
  • Might be too large of an appliance for households with average sized families and typical water usage.
  • May need copper fitting adjustors for installation which are not included.
  • Salt softened water may not be as desirable for drinking water, and may increase sodium intake (so be sure to check with your doctor if you have problems with high sodium).
  • Water may feel a bit on the “slimy” side to those who are not accustomed to water that is softened through a salt based system.
  • Salt based systems will remove minerals from the water that some people find are important to the health of the family.

Other Things to Consider

fleck 7000sxt water softener review


Some reviews by individual consumers show concerns about having the necessary convertors for installation, so be prepared to purchase fittings or adjustors. You may wish to pay a professional plumber to install if you are a homeowner who feels more comfortable with this.

A plumber would probably take 1-2 hours of time for installation, and be sure to ask ahead of time when you call what kind of additional fittings might be needed. This could add a cost of $100 or more to the total so it is important to plan for that.

​Because of the weight of this unit, expected shipping costs may be up to $85 (could be more) with certain sellers so be sure to add that into your budget when considering the price. Plus, even after delivery, you may need help getting it to the place where you are installing it, particularly if it is down basement stairs.

When purchasing a salt-based water softener, it is important to consider the ongoing cost of adding salt on a regular basis. How often you need to add salt will very much depend on the hardness of your water, how much water you use, and how often your tank needs to regenerate.

Because of the demand initiated regeneration, you can be assured that this set will not use more salt than necessary. The unit can hold up to 250 pounds of salt, and the recommended pellets usually come in bags weighing between 25 and 50 pounds and may cost as little as $5 per bag. The need to add salt typically happens every 8-12 weeks or so.

Bottom Line of Our Fleck 7000SXT Review

All told, this water softener review reveals a solid, affordable, high-performance unit for large capacity homes or possibly a small commercial situation. The large size and heaviness of the unit comes along with high capacity, efficiency, and durability.

With 30 day satisfaction guarantee (you’ll possibly have to pay to ship it back if you don’t keep it), a 5 year valve warranty, and a 10 year tank warranty, you can feel fairly confident that you are getting a good product for the price that will last you for many years to come.

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