The NuvoH20 Water Softener Review

Homes with water which contains high concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other minerals are familiar with the many problems that hard water can cause. Hard water not only causes domestic cleaning products, such as laundry detergent, dish soap and/or body wash to function less effectively, it can have a seriously detrimental effect on household appliances as well. Minerals may build up within water pipes, leading to restricted water flow and surface staining.

The simplest way to address a domestic hard water issue is by purchasing a home water softening system. While there are many different systems available for purchase, there are different factors to consider, such as household size and water usage rates. Generally speaking, the best home water softener will strike a balance between effectiveness and energy efficiency.

The NuvoH2O is a water softening system which is easy on the environment as well as your bank account. Thesalt free system is compact and energy efficient, utilizing chelation technology to treat hard water throughout the entire home.

Criteria for an effective water softener

Water softeners must first and foremost eliminate or drastically reduce the presence of minerals in the water supply. Aside from effectiveness, the product’s efficiency is important as well. An efficient water softener will provide an adequate supply of treated water while simultaneously conserving as much energy as possible.

Conserving space is an issue in some households. The most desirable water softeners are compact in design. This makes it so the system can be installed discreetly in the home so as to not detract from its aesthetic appeal.

Finally, water softening systems must beconsumer friendly and easy to use and install. Many systems indicate when attention is needed via the use of a light, alarm or some other method which makes basic maintenance convenient.

Product Overview


It is one of the most effective, highly rated water softeners available on the market. There are three different systems which are tailored to house size and consumption rates. All are salt-free, instead working via a replaceable filter cartridge which last up to sixty days time.

NuvoH2O Studio System: Treats water for homes which are less than 1,000 square feet. With a 25,000 gallon capacity, this product provides sufficient water for a two person household.

NuvoH2O Home System: Treats water for homes which are between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet. A50,000 gallon capacity ensures plentiful water supply for a family of two, though it could easily work for a family of four given moderate use.

NuvoH2O Manor System: Treats water for home whichare over 2,000 square feet. Average cost isapproximately $920.00. The Manor system has a 65,000 gallon capacity, which provides water for a family of six, given average usage.

NuvoH20 DPHB

They work via two primary methods - chelation and patented CitraCharge technology.

Chelation technology works differently than traditional water softeners. Rather than simply removing calcium, it chelates, or binds to calcium ions. This prevents the telltale scale buildup which is so common in homes with hard water.

CitraCharge works to ensure that the minerals contained inhard water are forced to separate, which makes it impossible for minerals to bind and cause buildup. CitraCharge works via the addition of citric acid, which helps to regulate the Ph levels of the domestic water supply, thereby reducing scale buildup and mineral deposits.


The vast majority of NuvoH2O customer reviews focus upon three major positives associated with the product.

    • Convenience: The salt free system eliminates the hassle of storing, purchasing and transporting the cumbersome bags of salt required for other home water softening systems. Many Nuvo water softener reviews also remark upon the relative ease of installation as well.
    • Effectiveness: Many consumer reviews remark upon the fact that their skin and hair felt noticeably softer after showering. The improved taste of the home water drinking supply is also mentioned in many NuvoH2O reviews.
    • Efficiency: In comparison with other home water softening systems, this water softener uses approximately fourtime less water, and because it does not utilize electricity to function, it saves money on power bills as well.


An interesting trend regarding NuvoH2O water softener reviews is that customers seem to be strongly divided, rating the product at either five stars or one. While the majority of consumer reviews state that the product works as advertised, some state that they see no difference in their water after installing the product.

One other consumer grievance that could be found in reviews was regarding the company’s refusal to sell individual parts to a third party, meaning if a small part on the system malfunctions, the customer must purchase an entirely new system in order to replace it.

In conclusion

The NuvoH2O water softening system is relatively well reviewed among consumers. It is designed with customer convenience in mind, and in spite of some negative reviews, the vast majority of those who purchase the system seem to be satisfied, making it a recommendable product to anyone in search of an effective, energy efficient water softener for the home.