Premier 120161LF Sonoma Kitchen Faucet Review

Premier 120161LF Sonoma Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

The Premier 120161LF Sonoma Kitchen Faucet is a simplistic and simple kitchen faucet that is surprisingly affordable! This faucet will fit seamlessly into most kitchens and is suitable for both newer and existing kitchen installations.

Its no-nonsense brushed nickel finish is perfect for matching to most kitchen too.


The 120161LF Sonoma is a simple faucet, but it still manages to offer plenty of features for the user. These are just some of the useful features that you can expect if you choose this great pullout faucet from Premier.

  • Durable ceramic disc. Older faucets used to use a rubber seal design, but the 120161LF Sonoma instead uses ceramic disc valves. These are highly durable and will not lose their ability to close off the water supply to the faucet every again. The 120161LF kitchen faucet, as a result, will never leak or produce awful noises during use.
  • Brushed nickel design. When you’re trying to match your kitchen fittings and accessories with the rest of your installation, it is important to have a neutral option that will fit in with almost any design. Brushed nickel does just that. You don’t have to keep it ultra polished to look good and any knocks and scrapes wont show up like they can with faucets that have a shiny finish.
  • Pull out hose. Unlike the pull down hose style of faucet, the pullout kind allows you to clear the tops of any items in the sink without worrying about chipping or damaging anything. You can reach the hose to larger pans to fill or wash them, or even reach to containers that you cant quite get to the sink.


In addition to these great features, there are plenty of other reasons why you should choose the Premier 120161LF Sonoma for your kitchen.

  • Matching accessories. The Premier 120161LF faucet has some matching accessories such as a soap dispenser. If you are planning on mounting your faucet on a sink that has more than just the one mount point required for this faucet, then you could consider the matching soap dispenser, which would provide you with even more functionality in your kitchen.
  • 48-inch retractable hose. The pullout hose that the spray attachment is connected to is a long 48 inches. This is more than adequate for many household tasks, including filling containers that cant be lifted into the sink.
  • Single-handle faucet. This faucet utilizes just one handle to operate both the flow and temperature of the water, making it easy and quick to use.

One thing to note: this faucet doesn’t feature lead free construction, which may be a problem if you use your kitchen faucet for drinking water. Lead can affect the quality and taste of water and with lead free pipes and solder, it is a shame that this faucet doesn’t carry through with the responsible use of lead.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a simplistic looking faucet that has additional features then the Premier 120161LF Sonoma may be for you. You can easily wash or fill kitchen items with water, no matter what size they may be whilst the design of this faucet can provide you with just what you’re looking for to fit effortlessly into your kitchen.