Premier Faucet 126967 Waterfront Lead Free Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

Premier Faucet 126967 Waterfront Lead Free Two-Handle

The Premier Faucet 126967 Waterfront Lead-Free Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet might look nice, but it is not one of the best faucets out there. The faucet itself is made from plastic and is then coated with a chrome finish, which is what gives it its shiny, pretty look.

While the faucet looks good and offers a very affordable price, you can’t help but notice how cheap it feels when you pick it up. While we wouldn’t recommend this faucet for somebody who is looking for a long-term solution, they are a great option for renters looking for a cheap fix.


The Premier Faucet 126967 offers consumers the chance to purchase an affordable faucet that looks nice and is stylish enough to fit in with most kitchen designs. This faucet comes with a chrome plated finish that allows it to stay looking nice with routine cleaning. The problem is though the faucet is not built to last like many other ones on the market.

With its affordable price and basic features it is an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to cheaply replace their faucets when getting ready to sell, landlords looking for a cheap and easy replacement, or for renters who don’t want to invest in a more expensive model.

  • ​Spray Nozzle – The 126967 comes with a spray nozzle that is separate from the kitchen faucet itself. The spray nozzle features a braided hose and extends to give you the extra coverage you need to reach the furthest corners of your sink. You can also use the hose to fill up your larger pots for cooking.
  • ​Swivel Spout – This is a great feature for those who have two sinks, as the spout can be turned directly over each side. Being able to move the spout where it is needed makes working in the kitchen easier.
  • ​High-Arc Design – One problem that many people face in the kitchen is that the faucet isn’t very user friendly when it comes to filling up pots and pans, especially the larger size ones because they don’t fit under the newer and fancier faucets. The high-arc design allows for pans to be filled up easier.
  • Lead-Free Waterways – One of the biggest concerns today is lead leaching into the water we use in the kitchen. Many states have passed laws in regards to the waterways of the faucets being lead-free. Even though this is a cheaply made faucet, it meets the requirements set forth by various states to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Removable Aerator – The aerator on this model is able to be switched out, which allows you to choose what style of aerator you want, such as low-flow for water saving capabilities. When picking out the aerator choose one with female threads, as the faucet has male threads.


  • The best part about this faucet is its price. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a kitchen faucet, especially when they are renting. This is one of the most affordable kitchen faucets out there that also functions decently.
  • One problem that people complain about with kitchen faucets is water stains. This kitchen faucet doesn’t hang onto water stains like other faucets do, so to keep it shiny all you have to do is wipe it down.
  • One of the greatest things about this kitchen faucet is how easy it is to install. Most people find that they can easily do the entire installation themselves.


  • One of the drawbacks to this faucet is that you are really getting what you pay for. While the price is really nice, it reflects just how cheap it is in the chrome. The chrome plated faucet simply looks cheap, which you can’t really expect much when you have a chrome plated finish over plastic.
  • Another big issue with this faucet is that it is hard to keep clean. This is in part because of the cheap chrome finish. In order to keep the faucet clean you have to constantly wipe it down, so every time you use it you have to wipe it down in order for it to look clean.
  • Instructions with this kitchen faucet are not very clear. While the installation itself is relatively easy, it is very easy to put the faucet on backwards, which affects how the handles turn. If you want to put the faucet in the right way you will need to make sure that the logo faces towards the back.
  • Several people have found that water flow is restricted with this kitchen faucet. The cold water seems to work fine, but the hot water and the spray nozzle don’t operate at a 100%. In looking into the issue some have found that small plastic pieces inside the faucet were broken, which restricts the water flow.
  • Not very sturdy feeling, pretty lightweight. The faucet is not made from stainless steel or any type of steel for that matter; it is actually made from plastic. The chrome is simply a finish placed over the plastic pieces. With that being said a plastic faucet is not going to hold up like a stainless steel one will.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable faucet that will at least get the job done than the Premier Faucet 126967 Waterfront Lead Free Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet is an acceptable option, but it seriously lacks in terms of quality. If you do decide to go with this faucet because of its affordable price, you need to bear in mind that it does have its flaws.

The saying about you get what you pay for really comes to mind with this faucet. Many customers report that the faucet looks cheap, which you can’t expect it to look like a Moen when you have chrome finish over a plastic faucet. The faucet is great for show, but when it comes to purchasing something that is going to last, you might want to look elsewhere.