RV Water Softener Reviews: Purity with Mobility

Commonly the water from taps is likely to be hard water because of the minerals found in them. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others. For those who have used hard water extensively can agree that it has many disadvantages. There was a time I could always see spots on my cookware whenever using the hard water from the tap.

The spots were not because of dirt, but rather as a result of using hard water with many minerals. I could imagine what damage the same water would do is used in a recreational vehicle (RV) or any other type of vehicle.

The problem of hard water is resolved by water softening. You no longer have to worry about the damage to the RV when there are many water softeners around. Check out what I could call a list of the best RV water softeners you can buy today.

1.   ON THE GO OTG4-DBLSOFT - Portable Water Softener


Coming from a top brand name in the water softener industry, you can only expect the best results. The softener comes with double standard softener and conditioner. That works to produce more gallons of softened water compared to other standard models.

The unit has a 16,000-grain capacity, making it a perfect fit for someone who needs soft water within a short time and continuously. The product has a compact design to save space when you use it for your RV more often.

2.   Watts RV Pro-100 Portable Water Softener


It is a multi-purpose water softener that anyone with an RV would want to use. The manufacturer made is easy to install even for an untrained person. I once followed the simple and clear instructions issued by the manufacturer for installation and all was done in a few minutes.

The impressive large capacity of 10,000 grains means that I had more chances to recover soft water whenever I needed it. With the constant regeneration system, your hard water will always be converted to soft water before leaving the tank.

3.   Portable Water Softener for RV, Boat or Car Washing


This unit does not get to be the most efficient portable water softener for nothing. It can deliver more than 2000 gallons between several regenerations. With a compact design, you will always have an easy time fitting it anywhere in your RV.

I have a friend who has been using the unit for years now, and he will confess that it is the best unit ever. By simply using table salt, it is easy for the unit to regenerate and start working properly again. There is the custom handle included on this water softener for RV tank to help with portability and security too.

4.   SoftSpot Portable Water Softener


I started by complaining about the spots, hard water can leave behind. This water softener guarantees that you will never have to see the spots again. All that is because of the impressive quality of soft water that comes out of the tank.

The use of True Water Softening Technology makes it easy for the regeneration to take place in 15 minutes only. That is faster as compared to other standard models that might even take longer. Lightweight and portable design of this unit makes it great for people who need portable water softener for RV.

This means they can easily carry the tank to and from the RV at any time without feeling too much work is needed.

5.   Mobile Soft Water Portable 16,000 grain Unit with Tank


Some RV water softeners might need electricity to regenerate. That is not for this model. You simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make the regeneration process happen. Its mobility is what makes it even better for handling the RV conditions.

You will never have to leave the house without it again. It keeps on presenting impressive capacity of processing 5 gallons of water per minute. With a reinforced fiberglass vessel, it is easy to say that the unit is durable. It handles all the mobility issues that come when travelling in a recreational vehicle.


You can now buy one RV water softener from the many mentioned above. All these softeners exhibit the perfect features you will need in a water softener for RV. They are portable, durable and easy to use. These are rare combinations to get in the same water softeners. Having one or several such water softeners should help you forget about the worries brought about by the use of hard water on an RV or any other type of car.

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