VAPSINT – Modern Single Handle Pull Down Faucet Review

When entering a friend’s home, it’s likely that one of the first rooms you notice is their kitchen. It’s the room that is the staple to many homes, and a gathering place of sorts. Families eat together in the kitchen, you might spend hours in your kitchen each day; be it cooking, cleaning, playing card games at the table with family. At the end of the day, the kitchen is an important room in your home. Equally as important are the features in your kitchen.

As water is something needed to sustain life, the water supply in your kitchen is of the utmost importance. This not only applies to the plumbing and drainage of your sink, but something that your friends and guests will see upon entering: your kitchen faucet.

While there are various types of faucets you could purchase to make your kitchen stand out, the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Faucet is one that you’ll most certainly want to check out.

VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet

This is a must-have faucet if you spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen cooking, and also if you’d like to be noticed.


The product itself is 6.6. pounds, with brushed nickel double spouts. The length of the hose is nearly two feet (23.6 inches, to be exact).

According to the manufacturer, the faucet is simple to install, is quiet and adjustable. The faucet is surface mounted, which is handy for the self-installation.

The faucet’s main body is made of brass, which makes any kitchen look classy. The spout is composed of stainless steel while the handle is zinc alloy.

The spout is nearly six inches high (5.9), and reaches nearly 10 inches (9.8).

When purchased, the two necessary hot and cold flexible hoses are included. These are 3/8 inch.

The faucet is more than 2 feet high, which may seem tall at first, but it will become a focus of your kitchen, and also a talking point for visitors.

Water can either stream or spray from the faucet, which provides you with versatility depending on what you’re using the sink for at any given moment throughout your day.

This faucet features a ceramic disc valve, which not only prevents random drips that occur from other faucets, but it allows for smooth turning of the product.


When you are struggling to wash those difficult and oddly shaped pots, pans, bowls or other dishes, the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet will have your back. The hose length will allow you the reach you need for the crevices and nooks-and-crannies that you need to either wash or water.


This high spout allows you to fit your large pasta pans, or deep containers you may have struggled to clean before.

The last thing you want to do is wake up your significant other in the middle of the night when you wake up thirsty wanting a glass of water. The VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet will allow you to do just that.

Another positive of this faucet is not only it’s modern design, but it’s modern features. The ceramic disc valve that stops that annoying drip that older faucets may have is a huge plus.

Do you have to fill a pitcher to water the plants on your kitchen window sill? You won’t have to with the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. The hose reach will allow enough length to water plants, fill up your coffee maker, and – depending on the size of your kitchen and the distance to the stove – you could even fill pots of water to boil for dishes you’re preparing for your family or your guests.

The single handle faucet not only controls water flow but also water temperature, so you won’t have to worry about a hot’ and cold’ knob to regulate the water temperature.



There are few cons to the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. The first is that there is no way that allows the faucet to remain on the spray feature without holding it down for the entire time you’d like the hose to spray. It would be handier if there were a small button or knob that allows the spray to continue without your hand constantly holding it down.

Another con could be the size, while others see it as a benefit. It all depends on how you’d like your kitchen to look and the impact you’d like your faucet to make. If you don’t want a larger faucet, this kitchen faucet may not be the faucet for you. While it may be considered a plain’ tone, it would match almost any kitchen decor, yet the size and shape may not be for everyone.

What are customers saying?


The VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet has nearly a five star rating on It has not received a single three, two or one star rating.

This faucet was lauded by one customer as the best faucet ever!

This purchaser said that he researched various different brands of the same style faucet. He said he was saddened when he saw the prices on some of the other faucet brands. This customer said he compiled a list of the features he wanted in a faucet, and that the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet matched everything on the list. VAPSINT hit it out of the park with this one he said.

I could not be happier. My neighbor saw it and now he is going to get one too.

Another buyer simply said that the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet was easy to install, looks great, and works perfectly.

I love this industrial look against the warm colors, said a third owner.

Functions well. Sprayer powerful, faucet works and is easy to move out of the way.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a modern faucet that will make your kitchen pop and be a focal point in one of your most used rooms, the VAPSINT Modern Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is the faucet for you. The style, versatility, and functionality of the faucet allow for you to have a kitchen sink your friends, family and neighbors will envy. You can add a tremendous amount of style to your kitchen for less than $100 if you make the choice to purchase this fancy, functional faucet.