VIGO VG02001ST Modern Spiral Kitchen Pull Out Faucet Review

VIGO VG02001ST Modern Spiral Kitchen Pull Out Faucet

For those of you that are looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet to a modern, yet contemporary style kitchen faucet, the VIGO VG02001ST Modern Spiral Kitchen Pull Out Faucet is an ideal choice. One of the best things about this kitchen faucet is who it is manufactured by, VIGO.

If you have ever looked into kitchen or even bathroom faucets before you should know about VIGO. They are a well-known company that manufacturer’s quality faucets that combine durability with an amazing design.


Every VIGO faucet is perfectly designed using only the highest quality of products, this includes the VIGO VG02001ST. If you purchase this faucet you can rest assured that you are purchasing a high quality product that is going to add to the style of your kitchen, yet outperform even your highest expectations.

  • Swivel Spout – One of the best features is the swivel spout found on the VG02001ST. Unlike other kitchen faucets this swivel spout rotates 360 degrees. The full rotation allows you to access every nook and cranny of your kitchen sink, plus makes filling even the largest pots easy.
  • Expandable Spout – Another selling feature of this faucet is its expandable spout. Being able to pull out the spout allows you to maximize the 360 degree swivel spout. The spout can actually expand a total of 30 inches from the base.
  • Finishes – The VIGO VG02001St comes in a variety of different finishes, including chrome, steel, matte black, and a matte black and stainless steel combination. Keep in mind that the prices of the faucet will vary based on the color of finish.
  • Single Lever Side Mixer – Getting just the right water temperature to wash dishes or rinse of fruits and vegetables with can be a bit of a challenge when you have to manually adjust two handles. This kitchen faucet eliminates the two handles by giving you a single lever side mixer. Simply tilt the lever into an upright position for cold water, while pushing down for hot water.


  • One of the best things about this faucet is the faucet handle itself. To access the cold water you push it until it’s fully upright, while the hot water is accessed by pulling the handle as far forward as it will go. For some this is concerning because of the faucet handle and the backsplash, they are worried that the handle will be met with resistance from the backsplash, so it cannot be fully extended in its upright position. This is not the case. The picture shown shows the handle in the fully upright position.
  • To increase the water pressure you do not move the handle forward or backward. Instead you move the handle to the right, which is also nice because you won’t have any issues with the backsplash getting in the way.
  • Being able to switch between spray and fill/stream is always a bonus when it comes to kitchen faucets, but not all of them work as you want them too. This Vigo VG02001ST offers the smoothest transition between the two.
  • Having a mobile kitchen faucet is like a dream come true because you can easily fill whatever you need or spray wherever you want without having any kind of issues. The VG02001ST offers full mobility as the handle pulls down and is also bendable, so you can move it in either direction.
  • The head of the faucet is made from plastic, which yes, we do consider this to be a good thing. Many people tend to think of this as a bad thing because they feel it distracts from the quality of the faucet. If you think about it though if the faucet head was made from metal you would burn yourself anytime you tried to pull down on the faucet head to use hot water.


  • This model is actually a bit on the small side. Out of all the faucets with this same style by Vigo it is the smallest one made. Many people think of this as a good thing because it might work for sinks that are smaller than the average kitchen sink, but that is not the case. Installed on a 33 inch wide kitchen sink the faucet is overwhelmed by the size of the sink, so a larger version might look better.
  • Many people report having problems with the hose retracting. This can cause quite an issue because the last thing anybody wants is a pull down faucet that has hose issues; you want it to operate perfectly. The good news is the fix to the hose issue is relatively simple; you need to adjust the undersink weight until you no longer have issues.
  • This item only comes with a single-hole installation. Many people find that to be a bit frustrating because they wanted to upgrade their old faucet that had a three-hole installation. Many faucets come with a base plate to hide the two holes, so you can use a single-hole faucet, but this model does not. If you do decide to opt for this faucet and have a three hole installation you are going to have two holes showing, so it is not something that we recommend if you want the faucet to look its best when installed.

Bottom Line for VIGO VG02001ST

  • Now that you know everything that we do about the VIGO VG02001ST Modern Spiral Kitchen Pull Out Faucet, let’s take a quick look at the bottom line. In all honesty this faucet is definitely worth buying, if it is the style that you are looking for. Sure the faucet does have some issues, but all of those issues are relatively minor and are simple enough to fix. When looking at this kitchen faucet the advantages really do outweigh the cons.
  • Something else that you have to consider when looking at this beauty is the price of the faucet, for some it is a bit more than they want to spend, but we definitely feel that it is worth every penny.