WaterBoss 220 Review: A 22000 Grain Water Softener for the Whole House

Updated: April 17, 2021 by Zac Harding

The holy grail for a domestic water softener is to be able to achieve whole of house coverage and efficiency in a small unit, at a reasonable price. If you want softer water that is kinder on the skin, cleaner, and also stops those horrible water stains on clothes, then you are going to need a water softener unit in your house, but finding that perfect model is tough.

Well the good news is that WaterBoss have achieved that with their 220 model water softener. It can deliver 70gpg (grains per gallon) power with ease and that’s more than enough to supply three rooms in a house using a normal amount of water. So that’s your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room covered.

In this WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Review I’m going to cover all the main pros and cons of this water softener, from features, to installation to daily use and maintenance.

WaterBoss 220 Review: Background

WaterBoss 220 review

Ohio-based WaterBoss are still a relatively new player in the water softener market, but they have managed to build up their brand through partnering with some key retailers such as Home Depot in recent times.

They sell across the world through a chain of distributors, which has given them a global reach for their specialized water softener model range.

Although it is one of the most well priced, efficient and easy to install water softeners on the market, because it is slightly different to many other models out there, you have to look at the manufacturer’s website to get the real lowdown on the quality on offer. So let’s look in detail at that now.


Our WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Review

The WaterBoss 220 as an impressive 22,000 grain removal capacity. If you are a typical family of four people then this is more than powerful enough to deal with the amount of water you will usually use in your day-to-day washing, cleaning and other domestic water use tasks.

It actually uses quite a lot less volume of water when compared to other domestic water softener units of a similar specification. What’s even more impressive about this is the fact that it is so compact.

One key point to make here is it only needs around 18 minutes for a complete regeneration, and with a 2.5lb salt setting, it’s no surprise that this water softener requires such a short period for total regeneration.

The WaterBoss 220 Grain water softener has some great features that could well tip the balance in your buying decision towards it and away from other similar branded models. It’s also incredibly easy to install because of its small size and simplicity.


  • It measures just 18.75 x 14.75 x 25.75 inches
  • Very user-friendly control options
  • Simple built-in filter for efficient sediment removal
  • Dirt filter is maintenance free
  • Anyone can program it with its simple LCD display
  • It comes with a three-year limited warranty on all parts
  • The casing comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It has a rugged textured plastic construction and finish
  • this water softener runs on only 12 Volts
  • Its flow rate is a very reasonable 12 gallons per minute
  • Water consumption rate is 12 gallons per hour

With all these features built in at such a reasonable price, it is little wonder that this water softener is starting to gain traction in the domestic market, along with the company’s other models.


How Easy Is It To Install The WaterBoss 220?

Installation of the WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener is straightforward and achievable in four simple steps.

First of all you will need to connect it to the plumbing. This could be at the water pipe entry to the property or if you want a more targeted softening solution then where the water pipe reaches the outlet you want. Although you can do this yourself using modern easy fit plastic plumbing, I would suggest you do get a professional to do the actual plumbing work.

Then it’s just a simple case of plugging it in using the 12 Volt transformer, setting up the controller and adding the required quantity of salt. It really is that straightforward.

So as long as everything is running smoothly and set up correctly then there will be very little for you to worry about from day-to-day use. Because it has on-demand regeneration, less water will be wasted. On top of that it has a 20-micron filter built in to also remove contamination from the water generally, for example sediment and ferrous iron.

The only point to mention that could be a problem is that this water softener weighs 70 pounds. Although that’s not a huge amount, it could become an issue if you were hoping to install the WaterBoss 220 on a shelf. If that is your solution then you need to ensure that it is an incredibly strong shelf and supporting wall.

WaterBoss 220 Review: Performance

As I’ve already said, installation is easy and as long as everything is set up correctly then this water filter will run incredibly quietly, every single day, with no problems.

The built in water filter requires minimal maintenance and means there are no cartridges to replace. Apart from adding salt, there’s not a lot to worry about.

Although the 220 is not the most current model from this company, the WaterBoss 700 being their new comparative model, which has the ability to deal with softening 70 grains per gallon, this little workhorse is more than capable of softening your water of years to come with minimal worry.

In terms of the amount of salt used, regeneration of the unit only requires around 2.5 pounds of salt. In addition, it requires only about 12 gallons of water so it’s an economical product.

So the bottom line here is that in daily use you will hardly hear the WaterBoss 220, you don’t have to see it and you will hardly have to touch it other than to replace salt. This mix of efficiency and design quality is perfect for a whole of house domestic water softening solution.

If you’re interested in exploring a non-salt based water softener option, read our review of Nuvo H2O.

waterboss 220 review

WaterBoss 220 Review: Conclusion

I guess if I have to mention the downside to buying this reasonably priced domestic water softener, it would be the length of the warranty.

As the company is small, I can understand why a consumer would be uncertain about the standard warranty for the whole unit including electronics to be only three years. That is quite a short warranty for this type of product.

The tank and outer cabinet do attract a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, but it would have been simpler and more tempting to your average consumer if the whole unit had been covered by a 10 year warranty.

However, with upgraded and new models this won’t be such a problem, as quality always improves the more you pay.

But if you are willing to take the small gamble on the shorter warranty, then this water softener is an excellent entry-level whole of property water softening solution. There are just no downsides in terms of the basics of installation, operation or maintenance, it really can deliver safer, softer water efficiently and for a reasonable price.

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